Sepp Kuss Salary: How Much Does He Make?

Sepp Kuss is an American professional cyclist who rides for the Jumbo-Visma team. He won the Vuelta a España in 2023 and has also podiumed at the Tour de France. Kuss is considered to be one of the best cyclists in the world right now.

So how much does Sepp Kuss make?

His exact salary is not known, but it is estimated that Kuss earns around $1 million per year. This puts him among the highest-paid cyclists in the cycling peloton.

Kuss’s salary is determined by a number of factors:

  • Team success: Jumbo-Visma has been a very successful team in recent years, and Kuss is a key part of that success. The team receives a significant bonus for each Grand Tour they win, which is then shared among the riders.
  • Individual success: Kuss has had some major individual successes, such as winning the Vuelta a España and finishing on the podium of the Tour de France. These successes have significantly increased his salary.
  • Sponsorship deals: Kuss has a number of sponsorship deals, which also bring in a significant amount of income.

How does Kuss’s salary compare to other cyclists?

Kuss’s salary is one of the highest in the cycling peloton. Other high-earners include Chris Froome, Peter Sagan, and Geraint Thomas.

What will happen to Kuss’s salary in the future?

Kuss is only 27 years old and has a long career ahead of him. As he continues his career and achieves more success, his salary is expected to increase.

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