Federal Public Defender Salary

Federal public defenders are lawyers who represent indigent defendants in federal court. They play an important role in protecting the right to a fair trial.

Salary varies depending on experience, location, and level of education. The median salary for 2024 is $130,940.

Factors that can affect your salary:

  • Experience: Defenders with more experience earn higher salaries.
  • Location: Defenders in large cities earn more than those in smaller cities.
  • Education: Defenders with a law degree and a postgraduate degree earn higher salaries.

Federal public defender salaries are set by the General Schedule (GS). The GS is a system that determines salaries for federal employees.

In addition to their salary, federal public defenders also receive benefits such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Life insurance
  • Paid leave
  • Sick leave

If you want to become a federal public defender:

  • You must graduate from law school.
  • You must pass the bar exam.
  • You must apply to the Federal Public Defender Office.

Federal public defender is a challenging but rewarding career. You play an important role in defending the rights of indigent defendants and ensuring that they receive a fair trial.

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