Christian Braun Salary

Christian Braun entered his rookie season on a 4-year, $8.2 million rookie contract with the Denver Nuggets. The first year of this contract is guaranteed, with the remaining three years being team options. Braun will earn $2.0 million in 2023-24, $2.1 million in 2024-25, $2.2 million in 2025-26, and $2.3 million in 2026-27.

Despite playing limited minutes in his rookie season, Braun was able to carve out a role in the Nuggets rotation.

He averaged 5.3 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 1 assist in 20 games. Braun’s athleticism and defensive versatility earned him the praise of Nuggets coach Michael Malone.

2024 and Beyond

Braun’s salary will increase to $2.1 million in the summer of 2024 before he becomes a restricted free agent. The Nuggets could offer him an extension based on his development and contribution to the team.

If Braun enters the market as a restricted free agent, he is likely to receive offers for a higher-paying contract.

Future with the Nuggets

Braun has the potential to play a significant role in the Nuggets’ future plans. If the young player can continue to develop his defensive skills and expand his offensive game, he could have a long and successful career in the NBA.

Salary Information

  • 2023-24: $2.0 million
  • 2024-25: $2.1 million
  • 2025-26: $2.2 million
  • 2026-27: $2.3 million


  • Braun’s salary is before taxes and deductions.
  • Braun’s salary could increase with performance bonuses.
  • The Nuggets can trade or waive Braun’s contract at any time.
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