ABA Therapist Salary

An ABA therapist, or Applied Behavior Analysis therapist, is a mental health professional who uses the principles of behaviorism to help people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities learn and grow. ABA therapy is based on the idea that behavior is learned and can be changed by applying specific techniques.

How much does an ABA Therapist make?

The salary of an ABA therapist varies depending on a number of factors, including experience, education, location, and type of employer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for ABA therapists was \$75,740 in May 2020.

What does an ABA Therapist do?

ABA therapists work with individuals of all ages, from toddlers to adults, to help them develop skills in areas such as communication, social interaction, and self-care. They use a variety of methods, including positive reinforcement, to teach new behaviors and reduce problem behaviors.

What is the job outlook for ABA Therapists?

The job outlook for ABA therapists is projected to grow much faster than average from 2020 to 2030. This growth is expected to be driven by the increasing demand for ABA therapy services for people with ASD.

How to become an ABA Therapist

To become an ABA therapist, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in psychology, education, or a related field. Some employers may also require a master’s degree or certification in ABA therapy.

Is ABA Therapy Right for Me?

If you are interested in a career in helping others and have a passion for working with children or adults with disabilities, then ABA therapy may be a right fit for you. ABA therapists play a vital role in helping individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities live happy and fulfilling lives.

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